invest in hoopsy

I am really excited to announce that Hoopsy is open for investment via our equity crowdfunding campaign. We closed expressions of interest for this a few weeks ago after getting a HUGE amount of interest in just 4 days. After doing lots of checks and paperwork we have been approved to open to accept investments …

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Eco pregnancy test packaging

Launching a new product one of the most important things after getting the product right is getting the packaging right, and believe me I was rather nervous about it – I didn’t want to print 60,000 pouches (that the tests go in) and for them to have a typo or for the instructions to be …

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coming soon the new Eco Pregnancy test

You may have seen all the chat on socials about our new Eco Pregnancy Test… well it is all true!! We will be coming soon to the UK at the start of July, with Australia hopefully following in September/October, we are waiting on approval from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) before we can sell in …

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expressions of interest have closed

Last week I posted up the press release that I sent out to the media about our Equity Crowdfunding raise expressions of interest. Well, it has been one hectic/mad/crazy week our expressions of interest closed after just FOUR yes 4 days because we had so many people interested. This was me (well kind of, if …

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equity crowdfunding opens

I am SUPER excited to announce that today we launch an equity crowdfunding campaign for our Eco Pregnancy test which is made from 99% paper. The current pregnancy test market is dominated by single-use plastic tests, something that I plan to change. You may have been wondering what the plan was with Hoopsy, well our …

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