that pregnancy test scene

It is the pregnancy test scene that EVERYONE (well ok not everyone but nearly everyone) has scene in the new Netflix movie Look Both Ways. I took one for the team and watched it with my brother (note it is not a boy movie), it is very cheesy and all hinges on a college graduation …

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waiting for pregnancy test results

So you have taken your pregnancy test at home or work and now you have to wait for the result… are you or aren’t you? What’s going on? The 1-5 minute wait (depending on the test) feels like forever, and yes it probably is if you just stare at the results window on the test. …

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positive pregnancy test now what

Whether you have been trying for a month or years when you get a positive pregnancy test there is a range of emotions that run through your head (well that’s what I experienced). It was a feeling of disbelief, excitement, nervousness and more…. Positive What Next? If you have been trying for a long time, …

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are pregnancy tests accurate

Are pregnancy tests accurate? It’s a great question that we had this week on our Facebook page, unfortunately, there is not a hard and fast answer. We know from research that on average women take 3 pregnancy tests when determining if they are pregnant and some women will continue to test even after a blood …

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The pregnancy rollercoaster

Pregnancy and trying to conceive is a rollercoaster of a journey, up, down, loops, fast, slow, this is my second embryo transfer rollercoaster journey. Before the second embryo transfer the clinic in Spain – Institut Marques suggested that I have a Hysteroscopy to check that my uterus was in tiptop shape, basically what happens is …

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