blog post 8 reasons to buy your pregnancy tests online

I read an interesting article yesterday about a lady that drove for 30 minutes to buy a pregnancy test because she didn’t want to buy from her local chemist, which made me think that there must be lots of reasons to buy your pregnancy tests online rather than in a store. Here’s the ones I’ve …

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Eco pregnancy test packaging

Launching a new product one of the most important things after getting the product right is getting the packaging right, and believe me I was rather nervous about it – I didn’t want to print 60,000 pouches (that the tests go in) and for them to have a typo or for the instructions to be …

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coming soon the new Eco Pregnancy test

You may have seen all the chat on socials about our new Eco Pregnancy Test… well it is all true!! We will be coming soon to the UK at the start of July, with Australia hopefully following in September/October, we are waiting on approval from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) before we can sell in …

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which home pregnancy test should I use

When you head to the shop or online to look for a home pregnancy test it feels like there are soooooo many options, surely they all do the same thing? Navigating through the jungle of tests which in reality will only be used once and then thrown away is hard, and I can’t to be …

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Fertility tea anyone?

Do you ever feel that trying to conceive is rather like getting married when it comes to products? There seems to be something for every occasion in the bid to take your money… I have to admit that I thought the Mama Body Fertility Tea might be one of these (sorry Mama Body). In this …

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