Drinking While Trying to Conceive? Yes or No? It is Christmas…..

Drinking while trying to conceive, hmm it is a hard one, the fertility experts will say that staying off alcohol is one of the ways to keep your body in its best health and you want to be healthy as possible if you are trying to conceive naturally. BUT, it is Christmas, and maybe one is ok? Unfortunately, I am not going to say yes or no, but I am going to give you a list of 6 lovely drinks that you could have instead that are non-alcoholic and perfect for a Christmas party. Plus they could LOOK alcoholic if you don’t want to have to explain every 5 seconds why you aren’t drinking to a nosy relative!

6 Non-Alcoholic Christmas Party Drinks

Peppermint Julip
A fun non-alcoholic cocktail made from peppermint syrup (which you can buy or make your own), cranberry ginger ale and ice, if you can’t find cranberry ginger ale, you can use plain ginger ale, but it won’t have the festive red colour, so maybe add in some cranberry juice for the festive look! The recipe is on Worthey Life.

Cranberry Spritzer
For a refreshing, fruity drink, try a cranberry spritzer. Really easy to make, just mix cranberry juice, soda water, and a squeeze of lime juice. If you feel like going crazy you can also add a splash of pomegranate juice for extra flavour! What I love about this is that it looks like it could have vodka in it, it’s not just a regular looking drink, so a good easy one for the nosy relatives.

Sparkling Berry Delight
This recipe is from The Little Epicurian, it is an American recipe that talks about adding apple cider, which is usually alcoholic on this side of the pond, so ignore that bit! (This is also why I have changed the name to take out the apple!). Basically, you use frozen berries to make a syrup and then add sparkling water or soda water, or any other fizzy to the syrup, this looks delicious, if I decided to give up drinking while trying to conceive this one would be my top pick!

sparkling berry mocktail

Sparkling Water & Lime
Sparkling water with a twist of lime, ok pretty ordinary, but this is my go-to one for the ultimate in laziness, or when I am in a pub or bar. It looks like vodka, soda and lime which I would often drink, so from the outside, it doesn’t look any different to people. Sometimes the drinking culture in certain places is annoying, it is definitely changing, but the fact that I often feel that I need to fool watchers isn’t good for society – in my opinion – rant over 🙂

winter sangria

Winter Sangria
A delicious sangria mocktail that will add that Christmas cheer to any event! Made with fresh oranges, grapefruits and cranberries, pomegranate juice, orange juice, chai tea bags and sparkling water, this drink sounds like there is a party going on right in the glass! You can find the recipe on Imma Eat That.

Non-Alcoholic Wine
As someone who has tried non-alcoholic wine and literally only got through 1 mouthful, you need to be careful about what you buy, some of it is how can I say it “horrible”!! Read reviews and ask people before purchasing is my advice as there are some nice ones out there I’m sure, I just haven’t found them yet!

The After Party Drink
Hot chocolate, nothing says “winter” like a mug of rich, creamy hot chocolate. You can make your own by melting chocolate chips into milk, stirring in a pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla extract. For an extra-special treat, top your hot chocolate with whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder and some tiny marshmallows.

after party hot chocolate

Finally, I would say that if you do decide to avoid drinking while trying to conceive then it is best to have something nice so that you don’t feel like you are missing out, there is nothing more boring (in my opinion) of spending the whole night on sparkling water! Do you have a favourite non-alcoholic drink? Let me know in the comments below…

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