Our Equity Crowdfunding Round Expression of Interest Opens Today

I am SUPER excited to announce that today we launch an equity crowdfunding campaign for our Eco Pregnancy test which is made from 99% paper. The current pregnancy test market is dominated by single-use plastic tests, something that I plan to change. You may have been wondering what the plan was with Hoopsy, well our regular readers (if I have any?) may have been wondering what was happening.

3 test pack of the Eco pregnancy test

My grand master plan with Hoopsy is to disrupt the growing US$1.34bn global pregnancy testing market with the launch of an Eco Pregnancy test made from 99% paper. The test is a unique design that is

  • Over 99% accurate, meeting industry standards
  • A midstream test, which is the most popular kind with users
  • Small and light and won’t take 30 years to degrade, unlike plastic ones
  • Compliant with strict regulatory standards

Globally every year there are 140 million babies born, imagine if every woman used a plastic pregnancy test?!! The plastic pollution is HUGE and so is the opportunity to disrupt the market. Each year in the USA alone approximately 200,000kgs of plastic from tests goes into landfill and can end up in the ocean.

The idea for the eco pregnancy test came about through my IVF experiences, I hadn’t previously thought about the amount of plastic used in single-use pregnancy tests, or how many tests a woman used when trying to conceive, but the numbers are huge. I was very surprised to find that an environmentally friendly midstream option did not exist, and decided it was time to change that!

Hoopsy test pouch

We have a prototype, approval to sell in Europe and UK, and are currently waiting on Australian TGA review and approval. The first production run has been ordered and the plan is to launch into the UK in July 2022, while we wait on Australian approval.

So far I have personally funded Hoopsy, but with the interest received from retailers and my passion to develop an even more eco test, Hoopsy needs funds for the UK launch, promotion and research. The goal of the equity crowdfunding campaign is to raise awareness for the issue as well as find people who believe in the product and what I am trying to achieve.

I would love to you join me on the Hoopsy journey by registering your interest in investing in Hoopsy, visit Microwd.com.au/offers/Hoopsy

This is not yet an open Offer to invest. You should consider the offer document and the Equity Crowdfunding general risk warning before investing.

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