the difference between a hoopsy pregnancy test and a plastic test

I have been chatting about how fabulous our pregnancy tests are for months, but I realised the other day that I have never really explained the differences between a Hoopsy pregnancy test and a plastic one! This is the biggest difference between a Hoopsy pregnancy test and a plastic one… funnily enough a plastic one …

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what is the best pregnancy test

Errr you think you might be pregnant, or maybe you are just worried that your period is a bit later than normal, time to do a pregnancy test. If you haven’t been to the pregnant test shelf in a store before you might find it a bit overwhelming, should you choose a brand or store …

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waiting for pregnancy test results

So you have taken your pregnancy test at home or work and now you have to wait for the result… are you or aren’t you? What’s going on? The 1-5 minute wait (depending on the test) feels like forever, and yes it probably is if you just stare at the results window on the test. …

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weight loss and fertility

I posted about weight loss and fertility last month on the blog and said that I would use it as my accountability buddy, well it is now three weeks later and how am I going? To be honest, not great. When I wrote the blog post on 14th January my BMI was 35.7, today it …

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HIV positive parents

An HIV positive parent is that really possible?? The Baby Who Changed the World is a fascinating book of stories, on a topic that I have to admit I’ve never thought about, having a baby when one of the parents is HIV positive. Did you know you CAN have a baby if a parent is …

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