5 plastic facts you didn't know

Last night I watched a Netflix show called Broken, it is a documentary in four parts about products that are affecting our planet, in episode four they talk about plastic facts. I like to think that I know a bit about plastic and the environment through reading and watching doco’s but I have to say …

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waiting for pregnancy test results

So you have taken your pregnancy test at home or work and now you have to wait for the result… are you or aren’t you? What’s going on? The 1-5 minute wait (depending on the test) feels like forever, and yes it probably is if you just stare at the results window on the test. …

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unboxing the new eco pregnancy tests

The finished Eco Pregnancy Test product arrived in London yesterday, watch the unboxing and find out what all the hype is about!

blog post 8 reasons to buy your pregnancy tests online

I read an interesting article yesterday about a lady that drove for 30 minutes to buy a pregnancy test because she didn’t want to buy from her local chemist, which made me think that there must be lots of reasons to buy your pregnancy tests online rather than in a store. Here’s the ones I’ve …

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