Trying to Conceive

Egg collection through IVF

Last year (2020) I decided to look into IVF, single and aged 45, I started by going to my doctor. She was SOOOOO excited about me telling her I wanted to have a baby it was quite hilarious (and lovely). She gave me a list of IVF fertility specialists that she recommended for the egg …

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My journey to an embryo transfer

At 45 years old it’s rather late in the game to be starting out on the baby journey, but I am told that I look in my 30s – I did think that maybe my insides might also look in their 30s…. Unfortunately not! This is why at 45 I started IVF. I should also …

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Just a baby app screenshot

Just a Baby, that’s what the app is called, the app I used for about a month to find a sperm donor.  The easiest way to describe it is as “Tinder for sperm”…..  When I was looking at finding a sperm donor before I started my IVF to harvest my eggs it seemed that it …

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Should I tell my Mum I'm trying

You and your partner, or just you have decided you want a baby, but should you tell your Mum that you are trying? Trying to get pregnant can be a long hard road, so you might want the extra support, help, and love from someone who has known you all your life, but on the …

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